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WAN Management
Combining multiple WAN links of different technologies from different ISPs for greater bandwidth, and improved traffic performance
Controlling applications' performance and service levels with detailed visibility reports of how bandwidth is being utilised, followed by WAN optimization through Layer 7 traffic shaping and prioritization (QoS)
Compression of data passing through point-to-point WAN connections for improved application response time and traffic acceleration
3C WAN Enhancement Strategy

Today's organisations are becoming more complex and globally distributed, causing many IT managers to find it increasingly challenging to maintain WAN application performance and reduce business disruptions. Because of these situations, the need to look at reducing their bandwidth costs, improve utilisation of existing bandwidth, better manage remote offices, and increase application performance and round-the-clock business continuity has become an important and critical business requirement. And all of that to be resolved within a reasonable budget.

What is 3C ? 3C stands for Combine, Control and Compress (of WAN connections).

MediaWeb's 3C WAN Enhancement Strategy is the logical solution to solve your organisation's :

need to increase bandwidth cost effectively
need to ensure round-the-clock bandwidth continuity
need to understand how bandwidth is being utilised and reduce user-abuse
need to resolve underutilised bandwidth issues
need to accelerate applications' response time (VoIP, Video-conferencing, etc)
need to improve your bandwidth performance issues
need to enhance MPLS QoS
need to block / limit user recreational traffic (P2P, Instant Messengers, KAzaa, etc)

Combine: WAN Load Balancing

WAN Load Balancing empowers you with the ability to combine multiple Internet/Private WAN links without any ISP cooperation. It allows you to combine different WAN technologies to be used as if its one single connection.

WAN Load Balancing is an overall description of multiple benefits :

  • Load Balancing of Inbound/Outbound WAN traffic (including Hosting of Application over multiple links)
  • Routing of different traffic over different WAN link (based on Application, Destination IP Address and Source IP Address)
  • Setting of Priority + Max/Min Traffic over different links
  • Redundancy of Inbound/Outbound WAN traffic
  • VPN Load Balancing

Most importantly, it allows you the ability to keep the existing configurations on your Firewall and Routers. You can increase the number of WAN connections without worrying about the need to change IP addresses.

Product: AscenVision AscenLink

Control: Bandwidth Monitoring and Shaping

Bandwidth Monitoring and Shaping empowers you with the ability to understand, analyse and control your bandwidth usage.

The detailed but easily comprehensible reports are the best “gift” to IT administrators. The real-time and historical data (up to 2 years) allows the administrators to manage bandwidth in the best possible way:

  • Real-time Data allows the immediate recovery of the problematic source causing any network issues (Denial of Service, Rogue Traffic, Error in network configurations etc).
  • Historical Data allows you to perform capacity planning and base-lining. You can plan for your budget and anticipate bandwidth utilization way ahead of time.
  • Most importantly, it allows IT administrators to provide a clear overview of bandwidth conditions to the business management.

Controlling your bandwidth’s “traffic condition” through Layer 7 QoS makes your WAN a very different experience.

  • QoS allows you to ensure the Voice and Video Streaming quality;
  • QoS allows you to set priority for mission critical traffic like SAP, Citrix Applications etc;
  • QoS allows you to block unproductive traffic like Kazaa, eDonkey etc (P2P traffic can easily takes up 30% of any Internet connection);
  • QoS allows you to block/slow down any Website that is affecting productivity.

Bandwidth Shaping is the ultimate answer to solving any congestion before you consider upgrading your bandwidth.

Product: Exinda Optimizer, AscenVision AscenFlow

Compress: Intelligent Data Compression

Intelligent Data Compression empowers you with instant bandwidth capacity without expensive upgrades of your WAN connection(s).

Intelligent Data Compression offers many benefits :

  • A typical gain of 100-400+% in WAN capacity defer costly network upgrades;
  • Improve application performance over your WAN connections;
  • Selective compression only performs on compress-worthy data – the compression gain is always substantial compared to latency introduced;
  • Leaves the IP headers untouched ensuring no hindrance in the routing of data packets to the right destination;
  • Transparent operation allows minimum or even no changes to your network.

Overall, the powerful combination of Bandwidth Shaping and Intelligent Data Compression makes a perfect solution for WAN Optimization.

Product: Exinda Optimizer Enterprise, Exinda Compressor

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