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Company Overview
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Company Overview
Established in 1997, MediaWeb has been supplying leading edge products and solutions to System Integrators, VARs, ISPs and Carriers throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

MediaWeb takes pride to be technology frontiers in Network Security, WAN Optimization and Business Continuity. We have a passion in Technology and we constantly research for solutions that meet current business needs. MediaWeb have never wanted to be another ?box-pushing? distributor, rather we positioned ourselves as ?Providers of Niche and Relevant Technologies?. In short, we take pain to differentiate ourselves in terms of technology and affordability.

MediaWeb currently holds distribution rights for many leading brand names in Network Security, WAN Optimization and Business Continuity :
WAN Load Balancing: AscenVision
WAN Optimization: Exinda
Application Load Balancing: CoyotePoint
SSL-VPN: enKoo
Firewall, VPN: SonicWALL, Cyberguard, SNAP VPN
Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Assessment: SecureCirt
Content Filtering: PureSight, AscenVision
VoIP: Antek

Our Mission
To be the region’s leading distributor in providing niche and relevant technologies
To assist our channel partners achieve high profit margin by constantly differentiating themselves in terms of technologies

Our Value of Success
Differentiation is our key to success
LUCK equals Labour Under Correct Knowledge
We can succeed only if its’ win/win. Our success depends on our partner’s success
Be resourceful. People do business with people who are resourceful &
The guaranteed way for growth is to reinforce our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses

Our Strategy
As straightforward as it sounds, MediaWeb’s business strategy is to be Niche and Relevant in the technological front. MediaWeb put in substantial resources to attain distributorship of “solutions with an edge” – niche solutions that benefit end-users while, at the same time, generate higher profit margin for ISPs, Telcos and resellers (directly or indirectly).

We can take pride in making sure the solutions we distribute are technically reliable and affordable.
Our Solutions
MediaWeb focuses on WAN Security, Optimization and Productivity. MediaWeb strongly believes that the world is moving towards an increasing reliance of IP-based WAN infrastructure. For any organization to be competitive, they are required to be connected real-time 24x7. To be connected real-time is no more considered an option; rather it had become a necessity to stay in the business game. On top of that, the convergence of Voice and Data network ensures the growing dependence of the WAN infrastructure.

Nevertheless, the requirements have evolved from just requiring more bandwidth to a necessity from “Smart Bandwidth”. Besides increasing their bandwidth, customers are demanding more out of the WAN infrastructure:
They want to ensure their connection is always up;
They want more out of the bandwidth they have;
They want to know what’s happening to their bandwidth – who, what, where, when and how;
They want to control the usage of the bandwidth so as to ensure critical traffic get priority;
They want to ensure all security issues over the WAN (or over the LAN) are not compromised; &
They want to enhance their employee’s productivity by allowing them to work from anywhere easily.

Besides providing “niche” technologies, we ensure that they are relevant to the businesses. MediaWeb have realized that most solutions are “affordable” to SMEs in the US but not those in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore solutions distributed by MediaWeb must not be just technically superior and unique; they must be relevant and affordable to the region’s customers.


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