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AscenVision focus on delivering Highly Reliable Multi-homing product and it has proven itself as the ideal solution to ensure business continuity. AscenLink® has been chosen by ISPs to sell more bandwidth; MSPs has also chosen AscenLink® to provide VPN Load Balancing; Most importantly, customers enjoyed great performance boost!
Internet Load Balancing
AscenLink® is an edge server appliance normally located at the boundary between the Internal network (LAN) and Internet (WAN). It load balances/failover different ISP links of an organization to ensure availability, stability and reliability for the Internet.

AscenLink® is built for today's rapidly changing network environments, it is an unique all-in-one solution that integrates auto-routing, multi-homing, QoS, and Firewall in one appliance.
  • The auto-routing and multi-homing in AscenLink® offers a comprehensive and highly effective way to increase the reliability of Internet connectivity.
  • The feature of QoS and firewall provides better bandwidth and access management and improves overall network efficiency.
Overall, AscenLink® provides unparalleled price/performance.

You can combine your current Leased Line with a Hi-Speed-Lo-Cost ADSL to increase overall bandwidth
You can increase your Bandwidth Availability with Multiple ISP Links (different ISPs, different technologies)
You can HOST your servers over Multiple ISP Links (Load Balancing or Failover)
You can improve your Bandwidth Management with Dynamic QoS policies (based on their preference)



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