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WAN Management
Coyote Point takes the guesswork, difficulty and expense out of application traffic management. You'll save time, money and worry with zero downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays. Our server/application load-balancing solutions are easy to install. Even easier to use. No matter what Internet protocol or operating system is on the table. It's complete traffic management without surprises.
Coyote Point Systems
Availability, Fault-tolerant and Maximized Capacity
Equalizer routes requests to the least-loaded server, immediately and intelligently. So each one operates at full capacity, instead of some sitting idle while others become overloaded.

Said differently, it minimizes response time as it maximizes site availability.

You'll have the highly available, fault-tolerant suite you need. If Equalizer detects a server failure, it redirects traffic automatically. And it's easy to configure a second Equalizer for comprehensive back-up.

Geographical Load Balancing
Besides server/application load-balancing, Coyote Point also offers Geographical Load Balancing with Envoy.

Envoy adds complete geographic intelligence to Equalizer networks for flawless traffic management, ensuring scalability and availability across every server cluster, anywhere in the world.

With Envoy, Equalizer routes traffic effortlessly among widely distributed servers. It makes choices based on network topology, site availability and site performance to find the server best equipped for the next request.

Minimize expense
If you have 15 servers you can increase capacity 25% with four more servers. Or with one Equalizer. And the Equalizer probably costs less than your last server. That's 25% more for 25% of the cost.


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