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WAN Management
Coyote Point takes the guesswork, difficulty and expense out of application traffic management. You'll save time, money and worry with zero downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays. Our server/application load-balancing solutions are easy to install. Even easier to use. No matter what Internet protocol or operating system is on the table. It's complete traffic management without surprises.
Equalizer e350/450si (Coming soon!)

Cluster management without surprises
Internet, extranet, e-commerce or intranet, Equalizer is the cost-effective solution for a failsafe network. It guarantees site availability all day, every day. And maximizes the performance of every server in your network.

Intelligent load balancing which is stable, secure and reliable
The Equalizer e350/450si is the intelligent load-balancing system. Using sophisticated algorithms, it distributes requests automatically across any server cluster and selects the server best equipped for the next hit. That means meeting unpredictable demand just got easier and that users see one very fast server.

The Equalizer’s real-time system monitors resolve bottlenecks before they happen. Equalizer’s virtual cluster technology lets you assign pools of servers to the most heavily used, mission-critical applications and services. And Coyote Point’s proprietary adaptive loadbalancing ensures your servers are never over worked—just used to their maximum potential.

Efficient, effective and well designed
Equalizer lets you manage millions and millions of connections an hour. It works with any mix of operating systems, including Unix and Windows NT. You won’t have to change servers or operating-system software. With Equalizer, you can manage your entire cluster with ease, from a single point of control.

Flexible, intuitive and easy to use
If you thought cluster management was tough, the Equalizer e350/450si takes all that guesswork and complexity away, making clustering and server configurations a piece of cake. Not only that, it also keeps your system tuned to peak efficiency. Coyote Point’s proprietary, intuitive software creates detailed graphical network and server monitors which can be available from any desktop web browser. So whether you need an overview of your entire operations or precisely detailed performance statistics, the Equalizer e350/450si makes it all just a mouse-click away.

Put an end to crisis management
If you're the one on the line when there's a traffic-management pile-up, you need the E250si. It delivers complete flexibility, availability, manageability and scalability. And it will take you out of crisis management without setting off financial alarms.

How the E350/450si Works

1 Equalizer "virtual clusters" provide a single IP address to Client on Internet or Intranet.

2 Equalizer monitors server performance and availability. Client requests are forwarded to best available server in real time.

3 Fully redundant configuration provides no "single point of failure."

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