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WAN Management
Coyote Point takes the guesswork, difficulty and expense out of application traffic management. You'll save time, money and worry with zero downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays.

Our server/application load-balancing solutions are easy to install. Even easier to use. No matter what Internet protocol or operating system is on the table. It's complete traffic management without surprises.

Coyote Point Emissary
Because Coyote Point understands that there is so much more to load balancing than just balancing the load, Emissary is the first global application traffic management product which includes state-of-the-art geo-intelligence.

Emissary routes Internet users by location with precision and reliability, speeding access to Web content. With Emissary, you can also personalize content by users’ locations in real time with minimized load. Cluster management has never been easier.

• Dynamic. Downloads up to 300% faster.
• Relevant. Targets Web content down to the city, worldwide.
• Efficient. Saves up to 20% of bandwidth costs, removing all those choose-your-location pages

DigitalEnvoy's RealPath technology is built into every Coyote Point Emissary. RealPath lets Emissary determine precise geographies/locations instantly (country, region and metro area) along with user connection speeds — without cookies or third-party databases. And RealPath won't let Emissary collect personal information. No street addresses, email addressees or phone numbers are retained. Users can feel secure, knowing their privacy is protected on your website.

A few examples of how Emissary can work for you :

• Online apparel companies need to offer climate-appropriate merchandise. Emissary lets them promote wool sweaters in New York and swimsuits in Florida at the same time.
• Online ad networks must meet the growing demand for geographically targeted banners. Emissary makes that possible down to the metro area, anywhere in the world. So airlines can advertise special rates out of Chicago only to Chicagoans.
• An online casino can control access to live gaming, giving players entrÈe without violating regional, national or international law.

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