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WAN Management
Coyote Point takes the guesswork, difficulty and expense out of application traffic management. You'll save time, money and worry with zero downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays. Our server/application load-balancing solutions are easy to install. Even easier to use. No matter what Internet protocol or operating system is on the table. It's complete traffic management without surprises.
Coyote Point XCEL
Equalizer XCEL ensures your network does what you designed it to do: meet your need for speed. You'll have a power coprocessor that delivers peak performance and seamless cluster management no matter what. XCEL will take on the high traffic that can bring the best server to its knees.

• Compatible with E350si, E450si, E450, and Extreme.
• Secure, non-volatile, private-key storage in 128Kbit EEPROM, ensuring the highest security levels for your most sensitive information.
• PCI v2.2-compliant.
• 64-bit 5v/3.3v interface, 10 watts typical.
• PC100 SDRAM (up to 128Mb) support for ARC4 keys on-board storage.

• Up to 2,000 RSA decryptions per second.
• 1 Gb/s ARC4/SHA-1 or MD5, or 1 Gb/s 3 DES/SHA-1 or MD5.
• Up to 4,096-bit keys and exponents.
• 3 Mb/s random number generation.

Click here to download the datasheet here

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