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The Cyberguard SG series is a range of fully featured, stateful Firewall / VPN appliances packed with features at excellent price performance. With all Cyberguard SG appliances ICSA-certified, customers are now assured of fully-featured and powerful stateful technology, ensuring them the highest levels of network security.

With appliances suitable for Small Businesses, to Wireless setups, and all the way to Mid-Large sized coporations, the entire family of Cyberguard SG series is highly resistant to denial-of-service attacks and intrusion attempts, while actively repelling port scans and other common probes.

Small to Medium Businesses

Cyberguard SG 300
The SG300 is a compact, feature-rich network security appliance that is perfect for securing very small networks and remote workers more

Cyberguard SG565
All-in-one wireless security & data access appliance for branch offices of mid-sized enterprises more

Cyberguard SG580
a feature-rich, compact, network security appliance, which consolidates firewall, sophisticated intrusion-prevention, secure VPN access, and web content filtering on a single device, well suited to protecting central offices of small to mid-sized enterprises as well as branch offices of large enterprises more

Wireless Setups

Cyberguard SG560
The SG560 is a feature-rich, compact, network security device, which is well suited to protecting small branch offices of mid-sized enterprises. It is also a great choice for cost-effectively protecting branch-site offices, gas stations and restaurants more

PCI Solutions

Cyberguard SG630 / SG635
Securing critical servers and desktop systems with MB stateful inspection performance and IDS more

Mid-Large Businesses

Cyberguard SG 710 / 710+
Securing mid-sized business networks and multiple office-office connections with fractional GB stateful inspection performance more

Cyberguard SG Series
SG 300
SG 560
SG 565
SG 580
SG 630
SG 635
SG 710 / 710+


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