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The Cyberguard SG series is a range of fully featured, stateful Firewall / VPN appliances packed with features at excellent price performance. With all Cyberguard SG appliances ICSA-certified, customers are now assured of fully-featured and powerful stateful technology, ensuring them the highest levels of network security.

With appliances suitable for Small Businesses, to Wireless setups, and all the way to Mid-Large sized coporations, the entire family of Cyberguard SG series is highly resistant to denial-of-service attacks and intrusion attempts, while actively repelling port scans and other common probes.

Cyberguard SG 560

The SG560 is a feature-rich, compact, network security device, which is well suited to protecting small branch offices of mid-sized enterprises. It is also a great choice for cost-effectively protecting branch-site offices, gas stations and restaurants.

The SG560 enables remote office networks to easily connect their PCs and servers to the Internet via broadband (ADSL, cable, SHDSL, T-1 and T-2 circuits, etc.) or narrow-band (modem or ISDN). The SG560 provides connectivity and security features normally found in enterprise-class solutions. With the inclusion of five Fast Ethernet ports, link fail-over and Internet session load balancing as well as multiple security zones, the SG560 can be deployed in a myriad of environments. Should the primary broadband connection fail, the SG560 can fail over to a second broadband link, ensuring uninterrupted service. Internet traffic can also be load balanced between links, increasing bandwidth for web surfing. And if there is a complete broadband failure, the SG560 can automatically restore Internet connectivity with a dial-up connection.

A powerful stateful-inspection firewall, service-based intrusion detection blocking and advanced Internet connection sharing protect the branch office network from the Internet. The SG560 provides three security zones (DMZ, Guest, and LAN) on separate Ethernet segments..

Cyberguard SG Series
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