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The Cyberguard SG series is a range of fully featured, stateful Firewall / VPN appliances packed with features at excellent price performance. With all Cyberguard SG appliances ICSA-certified, customers are now assured of fully-featured and powerful stateful technology, ensuring them the highest levels of network security.

With appliances suitable for Small Businesses, to Wireless setups, and all the way to Mid-Large sized coporations, the entire family of Cyberguard SG series is highly resistant to denial-of-service attacks and intrusion attempts, while actively repelling port scans and other common probes.

Cyberguard SG 565

With the adoption of wireless LANs (WLANs), people in distributed departments within medium to large organizations benefit from the ability to access information when away from a desk. Staff can respond to requests while in the warehouse or conference room improving efficiency and customer service. This is true whether it's marketing, sales, finance or HR. The benefits of WLANs are not restricted to medium to large businesses but local data access mobility is very useful in healthcare, retail, finance, and hospitality and manufacturing.

Today timely and secure data transactions are critical. If inventory, patient test results, financial reports and other sensitive data are not available when and where needed, it can seriously impact business success. Today many businesses also place staff where the business is generated. Therefore mobile employees, satellite and temporary offices are very common for long and short-term projects.

Create an instant secure office network

The SG565 is CyberGuard's all-in-one Wireless Workgroup Security and Data Access Appliance. It is a feature-rich, desktop, network security and data access device designed for today's business that requires access to and collection of time-critical data wherever their staff or customers may be. The SG565 allows businesses to create a unique wireless and wired local network. Not only does it provide a wireless access point with secure Internet access and site-site access to the central office, it also supports network attached file storage and network printing - all in one appliance.

In effect, the SG565 creates the instant office network using off the shelf peripherals. Providing network storage via the SG565 is a simple as plugging in a USB hard drive or USB flash device into one of the available USB ports. Printing is just as easy using USB printers and standard desktop network printing services. This in many cases eliminates a number of server computers. It enables enterprises to deploy remote or temporary office networks with major IT infrastructure instantly available to carry on secure business.

Comprehensive Security and Internet Uptime

The SG565 is well suited to protecting branch offices of medium sized enterprises as well as other sites such as gas stations, retail stores, medical clinics, hotels and so on. The SG565 enables small office networks to easily connect their wired desktop or wireless notebook PCs to the Internet via broadband (ADSL, cable, SHDSL, T-1 and T-2 circuits, etc.) or narrow-band (modem or ISDN). Should the broadband connection fail the SG565 can fail over to a second broadband connection or the narrowband backup connection, ensuring uptime.

By providing five separate security zones, the SG565 can support DMZs, guest networks, multiple LANs and WANs. The SG565 unifies defenses to combat blended threats into a single device converging firewall, intrusion protection, threat containment (vulnerability scanning/blocking), with the capability of performing gateway anti-virus e-mail scanning. High availability is achievable by installing a pair of SG565 appliances for load balancing or hot standby.

VPN capabilities for Remote Access and Multi-site Access

A remote office network can safely become part of a central office network, as the SG565 is also a cost-effective VPN end point device. The SG565 includes industry-standard secure VPN access methods (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP) with hardware-accelerated encryption. It is complementary to the CyberGuard SG710 and CyberGuard TSP families of firewall/VPN appliances for medium to large-scale branch office to head office VPN deployments.


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