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The Cyberguard SG series is a range of fully featured, stateful Firewall / VPN appliances packed with features at excellent price performance. With all Cyberguard SG appliances ICSA-certified, customers are now assured of fully-featured and powerful stateful technology, ensuring them the highest levels of network security.

With appliances suitable for Small Businesses, to Wireless setups, and all the way to Mid-Large sized coporations, the entire family of Cyberguard SG series is highly resistant to denial-of-service attacks and intrusion attempts, while actively repelling port scans and other common probes.


Cyberguard SG 580

A robust network security solution that unifies layers of defense and response mechanisms with centralized management can provide increased protection against blended threats.

CyberGuard's SG580 is a feature-rich, compact, network security appliance, which consolidates firewall, sophisticated intrusion-prevention, secure VPN access, and web content filtering on a single device. This reduces the complexity of network security deployments while lowering administration and maintenance requirements. The SG580 is well suited to protecting central offices of small to mid-sized enterprises as well as branch offices of large enterprises. It enables offices to easily and safely connect their network of desktops, notebooks, PDAs, web and applications servers to the Internet via business- and consumer-grade broadband, dedicated circuits from T-1 to T-3 or narrow-band connections (modem/ISDN).

The SG580 provides connectivity and security features normally found only in enterprise-class solutions. With the inclusion of five Fast Ethernet ports, link fail-over and Internet session load balancing as well as multiple security zones, the SG580 can be deployed in a myriad of environments. Should the primary broadband connection fail, the SG580 can fail over to a secondary link. Internet traffic can be balanced between links, increasing bandwidth for faster web page delivery and more concurrent downloads. Should there be a complete broadband failure, the built-in dial-up connection can be invoked automatically. To further enhance web performance and reduce WAN bandwidth, the SG580 has a built-in Web proxy cache.

The SG580 provides layers of network protection.

A powerful stateful-inspection firewall, service-based intrusion detection blocking and advanced Internet connection sharing protect the branch-office network from the Internet.

An intrusion detection system adds an extra security layer by detecting suspicious activity through a database of thousands of attack signatures. It can alert an administrator so that countermeasures can be implemented quickly before the network is compromised. It can also be configured to respond by adjusting the firewall automatically, effectively preventing intrusions. Finally, the SG580 also provides security policy enforcement across the network by probing desktops and servers in an attempt to identify vulnerable network services. Systems that are deemed vulnerable are blocked from Internet access or access to other security zones. This reduces the possibility of staff spreading viruses, worms and Trojans.

The SG580 provides default physical security zones (DMZ, Guest and LAN) on separate Ethernet segments. The DMZ segment can be used for publicly accessible servers (e-mail, file download); the Guest segment enables mobile staff or visitors to have general Internet access only, while the LAN segment connects the entire office network. These can be reconfigured to create three departmental security zones or other custom configurations. If only one WAN connection is required the other can be configured as a fourth security zone.

A remote office network can safely become part of a central office network, since the SG580 is also a cost-effective VPN appliance.

The SG580 includes industry-standard secure VPN access methods (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP) with hardware-accelerated encryption. It is complementary to the SG710 and CyberGuard TSP appliances for VPN deployments at mid- to large-sized branch offices and head office. For smaller multi-site deployments, the SG580 provides a cost-effective head office solution with smaller CyberGuard appliances installed as VPN endpoints at remote office locations. Mobile and remote workers can also gain access to the central location across the Internet by using an SG300 device or through VPN client software.

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