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Remote Access your PC & Servers from Wherever you are, clientlessly, effortlessly.

enKoo’s SSL-VPN is an integrated, clientless, remote access solution that meets all the remote access needs of small to medium businesses. With 2 structured solutions available, customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility which enKoo offers.


enKoo Secure Remote Access

Web Apps feature on enKoo provides secure remote access to web based (i.e. Intranet) applications on a remote LAN. The Web Apps feature extends secure access to Intranet applications to the WAN, allowing users to access any web based application from any Server (or a collection of servers) on the LAN from another remote PC (typically referred to as a Client PC) through a web browser.

Employees can now run any Web based application from any PC anywhere 24/7; Road warriors can update CRM information from anywhere; Extranet partners can be provided selective access to certain Intranet applications. All this and more, securely, clientlessly and easily.

enKoo's WebApps Capabilities
No client software install
Client PC OS's Supported
Win 2000 & XP
IP Addresses required for N users
Ports required to be Opened for N users
Centralized Management
Many to Many Access
One time purchase.
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Other Remote Access capabilities integrated into same
Mgmt. Console

Secure Remote Access to:
Client/Server Email
File Access & Transfer

enKoo Solutions
Secure Remote Desktop
Secure Remote Access
Email Features
Terminal Sevices
enKoo Models




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