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Remote Access your PC & Servers from Wherever you are, clientlessly, effortlessly.

enKoo’s SSL-VPN is an integrated, clientless, remote access solution that meets all the remote access needs of small to medium businesses. With 2 structured solutions available, customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility which enKoo offers.


enKoo Secure Remote Desktop

A complete SSL-VPN solution for customers to access and remote control their physical desktop PCs from wherever they are, with only a web-browser!

For the mobile user
enKoo’s Secure Remote Desktop is a perfect solution for customers who need to access their physical desktop PCs from wherever they want, whenever they need to. It could be from your home, a hotel’s business centre, wireless hotspots, anywhere goes!

For the harried IT administrator
enKoo is also great to IT administrators who need to remotely and securely support desktop users over multiple locations, effectively and efficiently. IT administrators can now remote control the desktop PCs from anywhere, anytime, without having to install any software client.

With enKoo’s Secure Remote Desktop solution, customers can now easily access their physical desktop PCs from anywhere, minus the hassles of installing and configuring additional software clients.

BEAM is enKoo's solution for providing secure remote access to remote Windows based computers. BEAM allows users to have full keyboard, video and mouse control of a remote PC (typically referred as a Host PC) from another distant PC (typically referred to as a Client PC) through a web browser.

Perfect for the office’s mobile user to work while telecommuting or provide remote demonstrations over the web, or the harried IT administrator to provide quick and effective desktop support and IT services.

enKoo’s BEAM is secure, easy to install, use and maintain

enKoo's BEAM (Remote Desktop) Capabilities
Full Keyboard, Video and Mouse Remote Control
Remote Printing
No client software install
Host PC OS's Supported
Win 98 and above
Client PC OS's Supported
Win 2000 & XP
IP Addresses required for N users
Ports required to be Opened for N users
Centralized Management
One to Many Access
One time purchase.
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Other Remote Access capabilities integrated into same
Mgmt. Console

Secure Remote Access to:
Client/Server Email
File Access & Transfer

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