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Have you had users complaining about the slowness of your network?
Unsure about how your network is being utilized?
Unable to identify which machines in your network are consuming the most bandwidth?
Are the use of peer-to-peer applications impacting the performance of your network?
Unable to justify for the need to increase your bandwidth?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, Exinda is here to solve your problems. With Exinda, you can now give your key WAN applications the bandwidth and priority they deserve.

Exinda Networks

Discover and classify Layer 7 applications running on your network. Measure application performance, user activities and end-to-end network quality.

Automatically receive comprehensive reporting including automated PDF reports, CSV export, SQL interface and SNMP.

Optimize and guarantee performance of realtime and business critical applications. Rid your network of rogue traffic such as P2P and DoS attacks.

Increase WAN capacity and accelerate applications with Exinda's adaptive packet compression technology.

Exinda provides the most detailed Layer 7 analysis of your network condition, helping you to identify how your bandwidth is being utilized, and enhances your network’s performance by monitoring and prioritizing traffic based on parameters such as applications, time of day, users, groups etc. Exinda’s compression also provides instant capacity without the expense and risk of network upgrades. Based on Exinda’s flow compression technology, Compressor offers 100-400+% gain in WAN capacity.

The Exinda Difference & How It Benefits You
Exinda delivers optimization and monitoring solutions as a hardware appliance. The appliance delivers ease of installation and management through a single platform with a single user interface which can be deployed incrementally.

With Exinda, you can now achieve the following :

  • Monitor network traffic incurred by individuals or groups of users and servers.
  • Increase speed of network connections.
  • Protect internal users and servers from hackers and viruses.
  • Control and manage web access per user or host, including peer-to-peer (P2P).
  • Reduce costs and increase network performance with Optimization and Quality of Service (QoS).

Account for network usage based on users, groups and servers. Export data directly to billing systems.
So whether it is protecting your mission critical applications, or controlling the use of peer-to-peer traffic, Exinda aligns application performance with your business’ needs and priorities, without breaking your corporate bank account.


Exinda Networks
Exinda Optimizer
Exinda Compressor


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