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Increase WAN capacity and accelerate applications with Exinda's adaptive packet compression technology.

Exinda Compressor

Exinda Compressor provides instant capacity without the expense and risk of network upgrades. Based on Exinda’s flow compression technology, Compressor offers 100-400+% gain in WAN capacity.

Ideal for low-speed branch offices it provides transparent capacity gains and improves application performance for WANs, VPNs and other IP connections.

Compressor allows for scaleable remote location rollouts as there are no moving parts and can be managed remotely.

Compressor can be up and running in minutes plugged inline (between LAN and router) or on your LAN, immediately increasing capacity. Used in WANs with Exinda’s Optimizer products in main offices, Compressor provides a total solution to expanding WAN capacity, monitoring and guaranteeing application performance.

Compressor can be plugged inline with the network to deliver instant capacity gains. Below it is depicted operating with an Exinda Optimizer in hub and spoke topology, to increase the effective link capacity between branch and head office.



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Exinda Compressor


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