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Discover and classify Layer 7 applications running on your network. Measure application performance, user activities and end-to-end network quality.

Automatically receive comprehensive reporting including automated PDF reports, CSV export, SQL interface and SNMP.

Optimize and guarantee performance of realtime and business critical applications. Rid your network of rogue traffic such as P2P and DoS attacks.

Exinda Optimizer

Exinda Optimizer enables quick deployment of Quality of Service (QoS) technology to IP based networks.

Quality of Service is an extremely powerful technique that maximizes the performance of Internet services based on the policies demanded by users and applications.

Voice Over IP (VoIP), Thin Client and Telnet sessions can take advantage of a higher priority than a less time critical service such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Email. Businesses might wish to allocate amounts of bandwidth to different divisions or business units such as a guaranteed amount of bandwidth to customer service or manufacturing.

Often this reduces costs by eliminating networks designed for peaks in traffic rather than averages whilst simultaneously decreasing response time for users.

Exinda Optimizer’s features include:

  • Bandwidth management, based on service type, user groups & time of day
  • Standard policy rules for ease of implementation
  • Secure Web based interface or Command Line interface
  • Supports both rate shaping and priority queuing
  • Low network latency
  • Automatic reporting schedule - supports PDF, CSV, https and email outputs
  • Service Level Verification - active monitoring with email alerts
  • Real-time and historical (up to 2 years) monitoring and accounting Support for high availability failover

Typical Deployment

The heart of any corporate network is the ability to monitor IP traffic across the network. Exinda Optimizer delivers the following benefits to corporate networks :

  • The ability to monitor the web sites staff are accessing
  • Easy access to link traffic by application type and user
  • Assists in identifying potential security breaches
  • Access to management tools and reports from any web-based browser
  • Secure network reporting tools
  • Plain English configuration and management


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