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PC Magazine Editors' Choice
PC Magazine Best Of 2003
PC Magazine Editors' Choice
Qurb wins award for second consecutive year. 2/17/2004 Qurb Qurb, Inc. Qurb 2.0 named to annual best of list. 1/20/2003 Qurb 2.0 Qurb, Inc. "Qurb couldn't be more elegant or simpler to use." 5/27/2003 Qurb Qurb, Inc.
Qurb Anti-Spam - Key Product Features
Keeps Spam Out Of Your Inbox
Only mail from your whitelist of approved senders is directly delivered to your Inbox. All other mail is filtered to a quarantine folder for review.
Eliminates Interruptions Caused By Spam
Improves productivity by reserving mail notification for messages received from approved senders
Automatically Manages Whitelist Of Approved Senders
Qurb quickly learns who you communicate with and updates your whitelist of approved senders as you work.
Easy To Use And Understand
No complex configuration or setup of content filters is required. Qurb automatically learns whose mail you want to see in your Inbox and filters all other messages safely to the quarantine.
Optional Challenge / Response
Optionally allows Qurb to confirm that senders of quarantined messages are real people and not automated spam robots.
Spoof-proof Fraud Protection
Qurb automatically verifies the authenticify of messages from people and companies using industry standard digital signatures.


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